Current Hunt

Hunt Combat League (AKA Hunt Fight Club)

Due to a variety of reasons the Thursday Night (formerly Tuesday Night) Hunt campaign will be going on “intermission” while the being behind the day to day of the Hunt fix some technical difficulties.

In the meantime to entertain viewers, and offer current and potential Hunters a chance to raise budget/revenue to increase wealth or purchase additional starting gear, we bring to you the Hunt Combat League.

All current, benched, non-fielded recruits, and wannabe Hunters can participate.

All who wish to be eligible fighters have to post a complete physical (visual) description of themselves, and if they use an alternate combat form (APS, Morphus, etc.) or fight via other means (Powered Armour, Mecha, Host Armour, etc.) then a full visual description will be needed of the ‘Combat Ready’ form/apparel as well. This information will be made public to all potential fighters. You may add any other additional information to your Fighter Profile as you see fit, provided it isn’t a falsehood of some sort. (If the Huntmaster feels additional information or clarity is needed, a repost will be requested, or he himself will make an additional post sharing such).

Fighters may then challenge each other (or in various other arrangements) to combat, and combat will take place in an arena (descriptions of a given area will be provided at the time of a match, or upon request). Additionally not all fights have to be to the death, but can have different victory conditions set, so long as all parties agree to the conditions. Note: Just because it is not a fight to the death does not mean death might not occur, unless no-death is an explicit condition of the match.

Each fighter will be extended a line of credit up to 10,000 currency units. This, as well as any starting funds can be wagered on fights. On fights oneself is involved in one can only wager on themselves.
Wagers may be made to the house bookie, or among each other. Among each other wagers might include aspects beyond this line of credit or earned funds (such as specific pieces of equipment), and might include odds other than what the house is offering.

There will also be an exhibition league of past victorious Hunters, should they wish to participate. Victorious Hunters cannot challenge anyone other than other Victorious Hunters, but may themselves be challenged by others.

Mechanically speaking, old Hunters can be available to use (if not deceased), and ‘new’ characters must not be on the banned list, and be built to level 5 using the general Hunter creation rules & guidelines. Combat will be using the current Hunt standard combat rules.

Note: Out of necessity, there are no friendly fire rules in the Hunt Combat League (Friendly Fire is toggled to ‘On’). This does not apply to Locker Rooms.

Current Hunt

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