Toumas Wyrgen


OCC: Lv6 Tribes of the Moon Nordan^or
Gender: Male Race: Werewolf
Age: 28 Height: 6ft human/hybrid, 4ft tall wolf Weight: 230lbs
Eye Color: Yellow Hair Color: Silvery Grey
Alignment: Unprincipled
Disposition: More bookish than the regular werewolf, but can get very cunning and vicious when seeking knowledge. Went into Martial Arts to help developed the discipline to use magic, help keep his animal side under more control. This lets him survive in human society better, but also means that when he really gets mad, his control can slip.

IQ: 12 ME: 16 MA: 9 PS: 25
PP: 15 PE: 23 PB: 14 SPD: 18 human, 36 hybrid, 65 wolf
Carry weight: 440lbs
Lift weight: 880lbs

HP: 78
Limited Invulnerability: The werebeast is invulnerable to virtually all non-magic weapons, including energy weapons, explosives, bullets, fire, wood, and poison/drugs. However, werebeasts are vulnerable to ordinary silver. Weapons that have at least a 50% silver content inflict double damage! Although werebeasts posses bio-regenerative powers, being bludgeoned or stabbed by silver can kill the creature. Also, the werebeast is vulnerable to magic and psionics as well as the natural attack forms of other supernatural creatures. Wolfbay will hold all werebeasts at bay, like garlic does a vampire. Powerful explosions or impacts won’t do damage but may knock the creature down or stun it.

PPE: 135
ISP: 19

Racial Skills:

  • Land Navigation
  • Track animals
  • Prowl
  • Swim
  • Track by smell
    OCC Skills:
  • Understand the Principles of Magic:
  • Read/Write/Speak dUnaidon:
  • Basic Math
  • Computer Operation
  • Research
  • Lore: Geomancy
  • Lore: The Children (were’s)
  • Language: English
  • Language: Swedish
  • Literacy: Swedish
  • Streetwise
  • Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
    OCC Related Skills:
  • Literacy: English
  • Mathmatics: Advanced
  • Astronomy
  • Anthropology
  • Divination (Casting Runestones)
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Paramedic
  • WP: Automatic Pistol
  • Criminal Sciences& Forensics
  • Lore: Astral
    Secondary Skills:
  • Cook
  • Pilot: Motorcycle
  • Automotive Mechanics
  • Wilderness Survival

OCC abilities:

  • Understand the Principles of Magic: Nordan^or know and understand the main principles of magic and sorcery, including rituals, symbols, incantations and paraphernalia. This allows them to distinguish between fake “occult” materials and the real thing, as well as to determine the general purpose of specific items and even which supernatural forces are involved.
  • Sense Ley Lines and Nexus Points: The sorcerer’s senses enable him to see ley lines, which are invisible to normal humans. The character will “see” the faint traces of psychic energy running down the ley lines or seething at nexus points. Range: Line of sight or one mile (1.6 km), whichever is less.

Innate Magic: Summon and Control Canines, Repel Animals, See the Invisible, Tongues.

  • Level 1: Sense Magic, Thunderclap, Globe of Daylight, Blinding Flash, Cloud of smoke, See Aura, Increase Weight
  • Level 2: Levitation, Fear, Extinguish fire, Befuddle, Knowing candle, Manipulate Object, Cloud of slumber
  • Level 3: Energy Bolt, Magic Armor, Invisibility Simple, Ignite Fire, Blood Ward, Orb of Cold
  • Level 4: Energy Field, Fire Bolt, Scarlet Pepper, Magic Net
  • Level 5: Eyes of Thoth
  • Level 6: Time Slip
    Psionics: Sixth Sense, See the Invisible, Mind Block.

Natural Abilities:

  • Bio-regeneration: Restores hit points at a rate of 4D6 H.P. Per hour
  • Nightvision: 300 feet (91 m),
  • Speak while in animal shape,
  • Speak to Animals: All werebeasts can communicate with their related animal type while in any of their forms.
  • Shape Shifting Abilities: The metamorphosis takes about 15 seconds and there is no limit to the number of times the creature can perform a metamorphosis or how long he can maintain a particular shape. Transforming is painless and does not restrict the werecreature from performing actions. The three shapes are human, wolf, and a man-wolf hybrid.
  • Can sense fellow werebeasts: Range: 110 feet (33.6m) + 15 feet (4.6 m) per level.
  • Horror Factor: 12 as a humanoid wolf-thing or huge wolf. The Horror Factor does not apply to human form

Toumas was a member of the Zarathain, the Progenitor tribe of werewolves. Although he disagreed with some of the methods his tribe employed, he was a believer in their inherent superiority of werecreatures over humans. That is, until his studies into ancient Children writings in search of new magical secrets uncovered a secret that few knew. The entire origins of the Children of the Moon, the story of Adom and Ave, was a fabrication written in the last days of the Age of the Blood Moon. Toumas had uncovered bits of an older tradition, which had no lunar paradise, no Adom and Ave. Just Mother Moon growing lonely and uplifting the first werebeasts, in various parts of the earth, and teaching them to live alongside the already existing humans which Mother Moon’s brothers had begun teaching. This ‘heretical’ discovery meant that not only was the ‘ancient’ history of the Children a lie, but also that the entire philosophy that werebeasts were superior to humans because humans had fallen from grace was too.

Toumas attempted to make this discovery known, especially to the crusader movement, a small society of individuals which worked to reform the Zarathain and other tribes to a less confrontational stance against humanity, but his ‘heretical ideas’ were not well accepted. The Zarathain Elder’s pressured him to recant, and after some months spent in isolation and ‘friendly’ coercion, he did. Officially, at least. The Elder’s did not believe his recantation was sincere, and rather than let the situation recur, or kill him and get the Donathair involved, they arranged a reason for him to be exiled. With his home no longer available to him, he sold off most of his things, purchased a vehicle and supplies, and took to the road. It is likely that after some time had passed, he would have found himself subject to an innocent seeming death, assassinated in secret to prevent him from spreading his ‘heretical ideas’, but not long after he left he found himself abducted into the Hunt.

Toumas wyrgen   wolf form

The Hunt
Thus far in the Hunt Toumas has managed to keep his nature hidden from the others, though several of his teammates suspect he is not as human as he appears. He has primarily made use of his medical skills to support the group, and helped guard the group’s vehicle. He has struck up a friendship with Damian, a fellow mage from another world. with the help of Damian’s private astral domain, Toumas has expanded his knowledge of spellcraft and the supernatural, particularly in regards to the Astral Plane.

Toumas Wyrgen

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