The Hunt is an ongoing serial campaign where the characters a plucked from their lives by unknown beings of immense power, thrown together on a team, and forced to participate in a Cosmic version of a Scavenger Hunt against other teams. The main prize for winning: Their Freedom, and return home. (Think Q meets Rat Race combined with a Scavenger Hunt.)

As such characters from all Palladium Settings are welcome (with certain limitations that change from Hunt to Hunt).

Currently there is only one Hunt going on:
Mondays starting at 8:30 pm EST

The Hunt is an always-open game with characters able to come and go from the campaign (being benched or substituted by the Coach as needed). This has both pros and cons associated with it, but is an aspect of The Hunt I am unwilling to give up. If you are interested drop me a line here, on the Palladium Forums, in a PM, or on the Palladium Chat Rooms.

For more information check out the Wiki page, or our new Google Docs Page.
For Current or Past Hunters come join our FB group.

The Hunt

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