Veteran Hunter

Veteran Hunter

Player Characters (and NPCs), regardless of R.C.C./O.C.C./P.C.C., etc. who have participated in at least fifteen Hunts (unsuccessfully) acquire (mainly through experience) the following abilities, skills, bonuses, and penalties.

Knowledge and Abilities of the Veteran Hunter

  1. Lore: Dimensions: Same as the Shifter specialty skill, acquired through experience, with a base skill of 10% +5% per level of experience. I.Q. skill bonuses apply, but no other education or skill bonuses.
  2. Use Techno-Wizard Devices: Every Veteran Hunter has learned how to activate & use T.W. devices (including the creations of the Gizmoteer from South America). Further, regardless of their level of personal PPE they are able to channel that P.P.E. to fuel T.W. items. Characters from settings that do not specify personal P.P.E. (like Splicers or Robotech) gain a personal P.P.E. pool of 3D4.
  3. Operate Pyramids: All Veteran Hunters are seasoned dimensional travelers who know how to operate the pyramids created by the stone masters for the purposes of healing, communication, teleportation, and dimensional teleportation. Base skill is 30%+5% per level of experience.
  4. Read & Perform Rituals: Although the Hunter may not be able to practice magic, they have learned enough to recognize magic symbols & runes (does not mean can read them, just recognize them for what they are). But more than that they can assist in, and even perform Magic Rituals provided elaborate and specific instructions have been provided. The P.P.E. for the ritual can partially be gathered as part of the ritual itself, but the Veteran Hunter can contribute their own P.P.E., as well as allow others to do the same (provided they know how). The P.P.E. cost of these rituals is 50% greater than what would normally be required of a practitioner of magic. Base Skill: 32% +4% per level of experience. If being forced to perform a ritual and the character does not want it to succeed then there is no possibility of success. Otherwise if the Ritual is read (performed) but there is insufficient P.P.E. or the skill roll fails than the ritual fails. I.Q. skill bonuses apply, but no other education or skill bonuses.
  5. Bonuses: The hardship of participating in multiple Hunts repeatedly provides the following bonuses:
    • +2D4 Hit Points
    • +3D4 S.D.C.
    • +5D4 M.D.C. if a Mega-Damage being
    • +1D4+2 to either P.S. or P.E. (choose one)
    • +2D4 Spd. attribute (if a character has multiple Speed Attributes, like one for flying or one for swimming, etc. add +2D4 to each Speed Attribute, but roll separately for each).
    • +2 to Perception Rolls
    • Immune to appearance-based Horror Factors (always saves).
    • Non-Practitioners of Magic gain +2D4 P.P.E (unless they are from settings like Splicers or Robotech where P.P.E. is next to non-existent).
    • Practitioners of Magic gain +2D6 P.P.E.
    • Psychics (be they Minor, Major, or Master) gain +3D4 I.S.P.
    • Mystic Martial Artists gain +2D4 Chi.
  6. Penalties: The hardship of participating in multiple Hunts repeatedly incurs the following penalties:
    • -10 on despair (or similar emotion) Horror Factor saves
    • -5 to morale-based rolls/checks
    • Reduce M.A. by 1D4+2 points (Veteran Hunters are not what you call a pleasant bunch of individuals). Special Note: For purposes of Intimidation (not Trust) rolls use the original M.A. and not the reduced M.A.
    • Reduce P.B. by 2D4 points due to battle scars (regardless of natural or artificial healing abilities there are at least a few visible scars).
    • Insanity: Veteran Hunters have a 01-75% chance of having acquired 1D4 insanities (roll randomly for if and how many insanities and for which ones they are, if the character has any).
    • Additional Insanities: Veteran Hunters are -4 to save vs. insanity, and must make a new save at every even numbered level of experience, until they finally are victorious in a Hunt. Once victorious the penalty to save vs. insanity is lost, and the character no longer must save upon reaching a new level of experience (all insanities already acquired remain though).
    • Lower Level: Veteran Hunters start at one level lower than new Hunters.
Veteran Hunter O.C.C.

Alignment Requirements/Restrictions: Unless required by their original class to remain Principled Veteran Hunters that start off Principled almost invariably (98%) slip from Principled to a different alignment.

Attribute Requirements/Restrictions: None (or as per original class).

Racial Requirements/Restrictions: None (or as per original class).

Veteran Hunter O.C.C. Skills:
Languages: Four of Choice +15% each.
Literacy: One of Choice +5).
General Repair & Maintenance or Jury Rig, choose one, +10%.
Horsemanship: General +10%.
Lore: Two of Choice +15% each.
Pilot: One of Choice or Horsemanship: Exotic, choose one, +10%.
Weapon Proficiencies: Three of Choice Ancient or Modern.
Wilderness Survival +5%.
Hand to Hand Combat: Basic, unless a different Hand to Hand combat style is already known.

Chosen (Original) O.C.C.: All Veteran Hunters start off as a different O.C.C./R.C.C./P.C.C. or other class (going forward only O.C.C. will be referred to, but it means any class or category). And for all intents and purposes they remain that class, the Veteran Hunter O.C.C. is more of a circumstance caused add-on, or a template. One must still meet any Alignment, Attribute, and/ Racial Requirements of the original class. Characters will always self-identify as their original class, and does not lose any special abilities.
O.C.C. Skills: Select all the usual O.C.C. skills complete with bonuses.
O.C.C. Bonuses: Apply as usual.
Special O.C.C. Skills & Abilities (if any): Apply as usual.

Original Class O.C.C. Related Skills: Can select only half the usual amount (rounded up), but any O.C.C. related skills gained as a result of levelling have no restrictions, can be chosen from any category (other than class-specific special skills), however prerequisites must still be met.

Secondary Skills: As per Chosen (Original) O.C.C.

Starting Equipment: All of the starting equipment the original O.C.C. came with has been lost over time to the ravages of the Hunt. However Veteran Hunters have the full ranges of Hunt provided clothing, and are provided with basic necessities such as food and basic/generic personal hygiene products. Veteran Hunters have also acquired (or been given) one back pack or duffel/gym bag, and may have acquired or retained 2D4 personal items (wallet with ID, some personal trinkets [pendant, photo of a loved one, etc.], a notebook or journal, a utility knife or multi-tool [often referred to as a Swiss Army Knife even if not exactly such an item], etc.). Some special class-specific/required equipment may have been retained, or provided/replaced (consult your Huntmaster). Note: Any retained personal trinkets often take on an unheard of almost fanatical importance to Veteran Hunters, and loss, destruction, damage, or theft of such has been known to have disastrous consequences. The Ref and Linesmen have been known to momentarily look the other way should this loss be intentionally caused by a teammate. Additionally any special rules/stipulations that grant a budget, or any additional or specific equipment may affect this characters Equipment, Vehicles, Armour, or Weapons.

Vehicles: There is a 35% chance that any vehicle the character started with has survived, but it often has 20-50% (1D4x10+10%) less S.D.C./M.D.C. than usual for the vehicle type (to all locations, rounded down, minimum of 2 S.D.C./M.D.C.). For class specific special or ‘signature’ vehicles (like a Glitterboy Pilot’s Glitterboy) either that vehicle, or an identical replacement has been provided, and the above S.D.C./M.D.C. penalty is halved (consult with your Huntmaster when attempting to determine if a vehicle qualifies as ‘special’ or ‘signature’).

Armour: Any original starting armour has been lost, but has been replaced with a salvaged suit of medium armour (30-70 main body S.D.C./M.D.C., 50% chance of being EBA). Armour choice is not limited to the character’s home setting.

Weapons: Any starting weapons have been lost, however the character has acquired several replacement weapons. Select one Primary and one Back-up ranged weapon (the back-up weapon cannot be a special or heavy weapon). Each weapon has 2D4+2 ‘full loads’, this can mean e-clips, magazines, or loose rounds in the case of weapons like a revolver (a single full load can be give up to have speed loaders, if applicable). Additionally select one Primary and one Back-up melee weapon. Some weapons, like a Kittani Plasma Sword, may count as both one of the ranged and one of the melee selections. Weapon choice is not limited to the character’s home setting. Each weapon will come with a sling, holster, or scabbard/sheath (if possible/applicable). All weapon selections must correlate with the character’s Weapon Proficiencies.

Veteran Hunter

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