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New and Revised Skill for the Hunt.

New Hunt Specific Skills


Law: The Hunt
Lore: The Hunt

W.P. Ancient

Throwing Circle

Technical Skills

Law: The Hunt: The character knows what constitutes an illegal act (aka ‘a Foul’) under Hunt rules, the typical punishment, possible methods of challenge or review, and various procedures, policies, and decisions from past Hunts. This skill can be invaluable when trying to determine risky courses of action, particularly regarding special rules or stipulations that may be in place. Base Skill: 30% +5% per level of experience. Note: Only available to Veteran or Champion Hunters.

Lore: The Hunt: This area of study is not a formal education, but rather represents knowledge gained through experience in The Hunt. Only Veteran losing Hunters and multiple time Champion Hunters can gain this skill, and they must be at least level 4 in order to acquire it.
This area of ‘study’ provides general knowledge on a wide variety of factors related to The Hunt, including specifics of special stipulations or restrictions applied to a given Hunt, recognizing Hunt teams, identifying which dimension/planet (or family of dimensions/planets) the Arena encompasses on a particular Hunt, some knowledge regarding Hunt Items, and possibly recognizing the race and/or class of a Hunter (given enough observation). The following abilities come with this skill: Base Skill (general knowledge/trivia): 25% +5% per level of experience. Recognize Hunt Team (by Team Colours): Some Benefactors use the same team colours each hunt, and have a preferred type or theme of recruits. 15% +5% per level of experience. Recognize Arena: Though observation of their surroundings as they move through the area (and provided enough information can be observed to trigger such a roll, after all a desert is a desert and can look identical on a thousand different worlds) it may be possible to identify a planet or dimension (or at least a general sense of the type or properties of such). 10% +5% per level of experience. Recognize Hunters: With contact and observation can attempt to recognize other Hunters by race, occupation, or ‘calling’ (R.C.C./O.C.C./P.C.C.). 2% per level of experience, unless appropriate Lore skill is known (Lore: D-Bees, Lore Psychics, etc.) in which case add +10% to the skill roll when identifying a Hunter. Identify Hunt Artefact: This imparts general knowledge either about a specific item being hunted, provided it is a repeat or notorious Hunt item, or can help identify or predict the next item(s) or family/theme of items being sought (cannot identify never-before hunted items). 20% +4% per level of experience (for predicting the next item add +2% for each item already acquired). Note: Cannot be taken as a secondary skill, and provides +5% to all known Lore skill rolls. Additionally only IQ bonuses are applicable to this skill, does not benefit from any other class/education bonuses.
Note: Only available to Veteran or Champion Hunters.

Ancient Weapon Proficiencies

W.P. Throwing Circle: Familiarity and training with a Kirlios Throwing Circle, specifically in its use in melee/hand-to-hand combat (rather than simply as a throwing weapon). This proficiency provides the skill to use the weapon to strike and parry without injuring ones-self in close combat (as otherwise handling a spinning blade in melee combat can be a rather risky endeavour). Bonuses: Starts with +1 to strike at levels 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12. +1 to parry at levels 2, 4, 7, 10, and 13. As well as +1 to strike when thrown at levels 4, 10, and 15. Note: This is best used in combination with W.P. Targeting if one will be using the weapon for both melee and ranged (thrown) combat.

Revised Skills for The Hunt

Pilot Related

Weapon Systems

Weapon Systems: The following is all in addition to the regular skill (it is more of an elaboration/explanation of how the skill will work in The Hunt). When using this skill to ‘lock on’ to a target you need only to (successfully) roll the skill once for a specific target. The Weapons Lock will remain until it is cancelled, the target is destroyed, or the target disappears from site (and/or sensor range/detection, with a successful Sensors Skill Check to see if that happens) for a full Melee Round. It may also be possible to lose a weapons lock due to system malfunction (or sabotage), but that would be a unique situation handled case-by-case.

It is also possible to perform a Weapons Lock on multiple targets simultaneously. This however requires a successful Sensory Systems Skill Check followed by a successful Weapons System Skill Check. A character may lock onto 6 targets simultaneously, +1 for each IQ attribute point above 16 (so +1 for an IQ of 17, +9 for an IQ of 25, etc.).
Weapons Locks (or Target Locks) may be passed on to others with a successful Radio: Basic Skill Check. Note: Weapons Locks may only be passed on to those with the proper capabilities of utilizing them (meaning they cannot be passed on to a foot soldier, for example). Further as long as one is being fed updated Target Locks once per Melee Round then one can use long range weapons to fire on targets they may not be able to see, or acquire on sensors.

The Weapons System Skill may also be used (with a successful Skill Check) to manually acquire Targeting Data/Co-ordinates for long range strikes even if one has no sensors or Weapons Computers/Systems. However, only one Target may be designated per skill check (that said multiple sets of Targeting Data may be passed along in a single successful Radio communication).

Each Skill Check uses a single action/attack.

New Skills

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