Medical Tools

The Baton is capable of being used in a number of medical capacities. Note: Unless otherwise specified only one medical tool can be used at a time.

1. Alpha Rhythm Generator: Held in the middle the Baton lights up on each end, and when directed into a person’s eyes it sends a signal though the eyes into the brain that induces sleep within 7-8 seconds (half of a melee round). This will not work if eyes are closed, but will work even on blinded eyes. This is normally used on the sick or injured to help them to get sleep but some also use it on themselves as a sleep aid. Given the use there is no save for willing participants, those who are unwilling must save vs. a 6 or be put to sleep, M.E. bonus equal to the save vs. insanity bonus applies (but not from any other source), those who are unaware as to what is happening must save vs. a 16 or be put to sleep, M.E. bonus equal to the save vs. insanity bonus applies (but not from any other source). High energy activities that get one’s adrenaline going, such as combat, intense exercise, stunt driving, etc. add a ‘+8 bonus to the above save.
Programming Point Value: 0.5 points.

2. Defibrillation: The Baton is separated into two halves that are then changed with an electrical pulse of required strength and (normally) applied to the chest area to assist in certain instances of Cardio Distress, and even to restart a stopped heart. To apply the proper change and placement a successful medical skill roll must be made, with Paramedic being at a ‘+10%, and Medical Doctor being at a ‘+15% (no bonus for First Aid or Veterinary skills).
Programming Point Value: 1 point, for an additional (1) point the baton in this configuration can be calibrated for Cortical Stimulation to induce brain activity through electrical shock in the event that such is needed, only the Medical Doctor skill will suffice to use this properly, and even then it is at -25% unless some form of medical sensor is used to determine the need.

3. Epidermal Regenerator: This function allows the baton to emit waves of energy that stimulate dermal healing, by being held a few inches over the injured area, as the beam only covers a small area it must be waved evenly over larger injuries. This can be used to heal minor wounds such as cuts, abrasions, and burns, among others. The rate of healing is 3 points of S.D.C. per melee round (or one point of M.D.C. per minute). It can only heal wounds if the target has sustained less than 50% (minimum of 30 points) of S.D.C. damage, (less than 20% of M.D.C.). Any greater injuries or injuries that go into Hit Points are beyond the capabilities of this tool to heal.
This tool can also be used to remove scars, simulate wounds, or even revert surgically altered or modified skin to its original state.
To use this tool properly for healing a successful medical roll must be made, be it First Aid, Paramedic, or Medical Doctor, and the roll is done with a ‘+15% bonus. To use the additional features beyond healing only the Medical Doctor skill will suffice. The Veterinary skill is needed for treating animals.
Programming Point Value: 1.5 points. For an additional (1) point the Regenerator can also be used to perform elective or cosmetic alterations to the skin, but the quality of such work is up to the skill of the user, but the use of this tool adds a +10% to any related skill roll (tattooing, cosmetic surgery, etc.).

4. Flash Sterilizer: This emitter wand function is passed repeatedly over a wounded area, and uses variety of alternating waves energy, force, and sonic vibrations to cleanse a wound of any small particulates of foreign matter, as well as Sterilize the wounds of any harmful germs or bacterial. Is also used to clean and sterilize a particular area in preparation for surgery.
Programming Point Value: 1 point.

5. Jet-Injector: When placed in this configuration the Baton will deploy an applicator head, and produce an empty clear vial/container to be filled with a liquid (normally medical in nature) to be injected into someone. The system then uses a jet of compressed air to transfer the injectant into the subject. This is a noninvasive method, and does not break or puncture the skin, and can even be done through a few layers of clothing (but not through thick outerwear or armour). The controls are on the reverse side of the applicator head. The vial is inserted into an opening that appears at the bottom of the Baton. The Baton can produce one vial for every 5 P.E. points of the Bio-Linked user, per hour. A medical skill roll is needed if using meds that need a specific point of entry, or optimal entry into the subject’s system, but can otherwise be used without a skill roll.
Programming Point Value: 2 points. For an additional (1) point the Jet-Injector can be used to collect samples from a subject, or even from the air, and produce the sample in a vial (if the proper sensors are also programmed into the Baton it can be switched to the sensor configuration to then analyze the sample). For an additional half point (0.5) the Jet-Injector can also be used as a topical spray applicator, or even aerosol spray applicator.

6. Osteogenic Regenerator: This function is similar to the Epidermal Regenerator, but penetrates the body to stimulate the healing of bone. Simple breaks or fractures, like a finger or toe, or only partial fractures, can be healed within one melee round. A full break of a larger bone, like an arm, leg, or collar bone, etc. takes 5D6 minutes. More complicated or multiple breaks, such as the bone being broken in multiple places, or more complicated ones like broken ribs, can 3D4 hours to heal. Completely shattered or heavily damaged bones can be healed, but this must be done with multiple treatments over several days, if not weeks, and must be combined with additional medical treatment. A medical skill roll must be successfully made, First Ait, Paramedic, or Medical Doctor, with only Medical Doctor being applicable to multiple/complicated breaks, or greater injury. The Veterinary skill is needed for treating animals.
Programming Point Value: 3 points.

7. Protoplaser: Similar to the Osteogenic and Epidermal Regenerators this function assists in the healing and repair of internal injuries. From repairing torn veins and arteries, muscle fibres, partially damaged organs, etc. to uniting nerves and similar. For this tool to be effective the injuries are either relatively minor, or the patient has already been stabilized through other medical treatments, up to and including surgery. This tool assists in medical treatment, but does not replace it. It also reduces recovery time by 75%. Add ‘+20% to any medical treatment skill rolls, not applicable to First Aid or Paramedic skills
Programming Point Value: 2, for an addition (1) point the Protoplaser can also be used as an Autosuture to seal closed wounds from the surgery or deep trauma.

8. Scalpels: This is a surgical setting of the Baton that produces a number of surgical blades from its end. Aside from various sizes and types of mundane blades settings for Laser Scalpels, Exoscalpels, Subdermal Scalpels, and others can be had.
Programming Point Value: 0.5 points per scalpel type, or 1 point per family (Blade, Laser, etc.), or 2 points for all scalpels.

9. Vascular Regenerator: This is a paramedic/emergency function that is used to repair blood vessels and stop bleeding. This is used in combination with other treatment to keep a subject alive, but does not repair any significant damage (does not return and H.P., S.D.C., or M.D.C.). A few seconds is all that is needed to stop a minor wound, like a small cut or bloody nose, more time is needed for greater wounds. To use this tool properly a successful medical roll must be made, be it First Aid, Paramedic, or Medical Doctor. The Veterinary skill is needed for treating animals.
Programming Point Value: 1 point.

10. Mundane Medical Tools: Similar to the Multi-Tool function this is the capability of producing multiple medical tool-heads, including Forceps, Retractors, Reflex Hammers, and others.
Programming Point Value: 0.5 points per individual tool, 1 point for a family of tools, 3 points for all Mundane Medical Tools.


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