Hunter's Armour Helmet


This optional add-on, once purchased, applies to the basic suit of armour, and all specialty suits one might have. The helmet option is retractable and collapses as will back into the collar of the armour. There are several styles that may be chosen from as part of the default option. The first is a half-helm that covers the back and top of the head only. The second is a visor that comes up and covers just the eye-area (the half-helm and visor can be combined and used together). The third option is the full helm with faceplate that covers the whole head and of the wearer. The first two options do not allow for a fully environmental seal, but the third one does. The colour-scheme of the helmets matches that of the suit of armour it is being used with, and some suits of armour have special cosmetic alterations to the Helmet. The transparency of the visor/faceplate is another optional feature that can be set to completely clear, completely opaque, and anything in between. The visor and/or faceplate can both be retracted while leaving the rest of the helmet in place. The addition of the helmet adds the following features to all suits of armour (although some only apply when the full helmet is in place for an environmental seal). The S.D.C./M.D.C of the helmet varies depending on specialty suits and upgrades, and is defined within the suit description itself. The Visor has an A.R. of 6 when in place, because it is not protecting most of the head. The Partial Helmet has an A.R. of 14 on its own, and an A.R. of 18 when combined with the Visor. These are normal A.R.s, not natural, and apply in both S.D.C. and Mega-Damage realms, but only when the head is explicitly targeted. Defeating these A.R.s means an unprotected portion of the head is struck. Point Cost: 2 points.

  • Complete environmental battle armour suitable for use in all hostile environments including space.
  • A miniature multi-purpose computer that controls the life support system that monitors and displays bio-data of the wearer as well as indicates system errors within the armour, damage levels (wearer will know approximately how much S.D.C./M.D.C. is remaining and whether or not the armour has been breached), the capacity and failure of life support systems, damage to the armour, and oxygen supply. It also functions as a calculator and clock indicating time (can be used as a stop watch and alarm clock too), date, and direction (compass).
  • Internal, voice actuated support computer. This secondary computer provides some mundane assistance, like mathematical computations, etc.
  • Computer controlled, independent oxygen (or appropriate breathable atmosphere) supply and purge system that automatically engages in low oxygen or contaminated air environments. Ten hour oxygen supply.
  • Upgraded Internal cooling and temperature control.
  • Upgraded Artificial air circulation systems, gas filtration, humidifier, etc., that allows the built in oxygen supply to be replenished when in friendly environments.


Helmet Upgrades

There are upgrades and additions available to the helmet. They may be purchased individually or, further down, in packages.

Polarized Visor
This is a polarized and light-sensitive visor, with a tint that automatically adjusts to the level of available light.
Point Cost: 0.25 points.

A built-in loudspeaker; 80 decibels.
Point Cost: 0.25 points.

Directional, short-range radio built into the helmet. Range is five miles.
Point Cost: 0.5 points.

HUD Multi-Screen
A Heads-Up Display (HUD) that can project data, charts or transmissions on the visor of the helmet for the wearer to see. As many as six different HUD viewing sections/images can be projected without impairing the vision of the wearer.
Point Cost: 0.5 points.

Multi-Optics Helmet
A variety of available optical enhancements
Point Cost: 0.5 points each, except for the Light Filters, which are free with purchase of any other Multi-Optics feature.

  • Passive Nightvision (2000 ft. range).
  • Infrared& Ultraviolet Optics System (1600 ft. range).
  • Telescopic (10x magnification, 2 mile range).
  • Macro-Lens (6x magnification).
  • Thermal-Imager (1600 ft. range).
  • Light Filters
  • Targeting Sight (1600 ft. range, +1 to strike).
  • Laser Distancer: Measures and indicates the exact distance of a target or item (1500 ft. range).

Computer & Video Link
The helmet can be patched into computers, televisions, cameras, monitors and sensory equipment. This means video transmissions and encoded audio or video signals can be displayed directly on the HUD. This requires “plugging in.” Located in the ear section of the helmet is a universal headjack. The jack is also cordless and has a maximum transmission/receiving range of 25 feet. Prerequisite: HUD Multi-Screen.
Point Cost: 0.5 points.

Optional Built-in lights (two, one on either side of the head, roughly where the temples would be).
Point Cost: 0.25 points.

Internal Language Translator
A language translator built into the communications system. The translated words can be displayed onto monitors and/or the HUD (requires the HUD Multi-Screen for this feature), or made audible via computer voice synthesizer. The level of accuracy is 89.2% when translating the words of one speaker. That accuracy drops to 71% when three or more people are speaking at the same time. There is a 3 second delay from the spoken word to the translation.
Point Cost: 0.5 points for the basic translator feature (includes one language other than the character’s own), with an additional 0.25 points per language capable of being translated.

Psionic Dampening Field
An interference field that protects the wearer from psionic intrusion. The field can only be in place if the helmet is up (or at least the partial helmet or visor). It prevents the wearer’s surface thoughts and emotions from being read/detected, and provides a 3 to save vs. Psionics or Possession, and an additional +2 to save vs. Mind Control or Illusions (psionic or otherwise).
+Point Cost:
3 points.


Upgrade Packages

These are bundle packages of the above features, available for an overall reduced point cost. The Lights feature is included free with either package.

Visor/Faceplate Package
Includes the polarized Visor, HUD Multi-Screen, and all Multi-Optics options.
Point Cost: 2.5 points.

Communications Package
Includes the Loudspeaker, Radio, Computer & Video Link, and Language Translator (with 6 languages).
Point Cost: 1.5 points.

Hunter's Armour Helmet

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