Hunter's Armour

Hunter’s Armour

During some Hunts, or in cases of certain Hunters (particularly Veteran Hunters), who are forced to enter into a Hunt without proper equipment, the Powers that Be, in order to keep the Hunt challenging and Entertaining, may provide a basic bodysuit or armour to the Hunters. This suit will provide basic protections, but can be upgraded in a number of ways, should the recipient be so lucky, or earn such a reward. Unless otherwise stated the upgrades or special features have cumulative effects (but the armours do not possess the standard features of environmental armour as are normally found in many such armours). Most upgrades can be activated and deactivated though a combination of verbal phrase and tapping of a badge or patch added to the suits, which requires a melee action, although some upgrades require reverting to the Basic Suit before switching again to another upgrade, making it a two action process.
This suit may also be provided or made available under certain special rules, conditions, or limitations. The Average number of starting Armour Points is seven (However this may not always be the case for a given Hunt).

Basic Hunt Bodysuit/Uniform/Armour

This basic suit appears as a form fitting jumpsuit or motorcycle suits. A typical suit is usually two-coloured with one (usually darker colour) making up with main suit, and the second/lighter colour displayed in illuminated strips contrasting against the darker body suit. During the Hunt these colours will match the Team Colours. Some rare versions have the main suit as black (or occasionally white) with the illuminated strips being dual or sometimes tri-coloured. It is important to note that while the basic suit has some features of environmental armour (noted below) it is not fully environmental on its own, but needs the Helmet upgrade to become such.

S.D.C./M.D.C. by location: Main Body: 40, *Helmet: 30, Arms: 15 each, and Legs: 25 each.
*The Damage Capacity of a Helmet is listed here for ease, but the suit does not come with a helmet unless upgraded to include that feature. The Damage Capacity of the helmet will change depending on other upgrades.
Armour Rating (in S.D.C. realms): Natural A.R. of 10
Weight: Negligible, excellent mobility, no movement penalty.
Special Features: (Note: Some of these features will only offer partial protection unless upgraded to include a Helmet)

  • Motion Reclamation System: A series of small kinetic energy harvesters embedded throughout the armour that convert kinetic energy into electricity to power the armour and its built in systems. The energy is stored in s small battery. 90 minutes of strenuous activity or three hours of light activity will produce enough energy to power the armour for 18 hours.
  • Internal cooling and temperature control.
  • Artificial air circulation systems, gas filtration, humidifier.
  • Insulated, high-temperature resistant shielding for up to 400 degrees centigrade. Normal fires do no damage. Nuclear, plasma, magic fires and Mega-Damage fire and heat do full damage.
  • Radiation shielded.
  • Tripack System: Allows for the attachment of up to 3 stack-able pack systems, as detailed under the Tripack Upgrades section.
  • Integrated Hydration Bladder: A refillable hydration bladder attached between the shoulder blades that runs along the wearer’s spine. Holds 150 ounces (4.5 litres). A long, flexible hose runs from the bladder, over the shoulder and to the neck or chin (variable placement) where it is held in place by a fastener. This acts as a straw and it capped with a rubber stopper that the wearer simply bites down on to open and allow drinking.
  • Optional Boot survival knife or vibroblade

Limitations: Armour is not fully environmental as-is, requires upgrades for such. If the main body is depleted the armour disappears.
Cosmetic Options: All basic suits have the option of adding a Hood (if the hood is up when helmet is activated it will form under, not over, the Hood). This can further be augmented to a full Hoodie type jacket or sweater appearance (both open and closed front). Some Hunters elect to replace the torso part of the suit with the Hoodie option (open or closed), which while stylistic prevents it from becoming fully environmental (even with the Helmet). Team Captains and Assistant Captains also have the option of instead adding a Trenchcoat or Duster. All cosmetic options match the colouring of the suit, as well as the style. No cosmetic option changes the Damage Capacity of the suit (but a bare-chested open hoodie creates a ‘regular’ A.R. of 17, if this A.R. is defeated then the wearer is hit in an unprotected portion of their body). Activating or Removing a cosmetic option requires two melee actions (switching from one cosmetic option to another therefore requires four melee actions).
There are several other minor stylistic options that involve baring skin. Normally these are sides, midriff, lower back, shoulders, fingerless gloves, or even no gloves. All of these are minor alterations but the all prevent the suit from being environmentally sealed, and most of them creates a ‘regular’ A.R. between 17 and 20, depending on how much skin is exposed, if this A.R. is defeated then the wearer is hit in an unprotected portion of their body.

Hunter’s Armour Specialty Suits

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Hunter's Armour

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