Hunt Prizes

Hunt Prizes

Gift of Power

Choose from one of the following 3 categories: 1 Major Super Power, 3 Minor Superpowers, 1 Megaversal Power (Heroes of the Megaverse). Once the category is chosen there is a random roll for the power(s), they cannot be selected.

Gift of Knowledge

Gains the Skills of one Skills-Based class (O.C.C.). These skills start at a level of proficiency equal to half the characters current level, but then advance as normal. This can include the Hardware and Special Training classes from Heroes Unlimited (excluding both the Physical Training and Ancient Master categories), and all versions of the Natural Genius. Also excluded is any Practitioner of Magic class (including but not limited to Mystic Study, Wizard, Sorcerer, and Ley Line Walker). Further, classes like the Operator do not include the Psionics (or other powers as per the class), and classes from Ninjas & Superspies convey only the skill packages, not any Mystic Martial Arts. Note: Classes that emphasize power over skills, like Psionic or mystic classes, or Super Powered classes are of course excluded. Further only the skills are provided, no other bonuses, no equipment, etc., but any class specific special skills are included.
In the alternative they gain the selection of 1D6+2 Skill Packages, selections to be made from any system that utilizes Skill Packages.

Gift of Life

Is given the option to resurrect someone from the character’s past who has died. The character must know the individual personally. There is no catch, no roll, no trick, they are just alive again in a healed body (although any energy, like PPE, ISP, or CHI is zero, and must recover over time).
In the alternative the character may claim this gift for themselves selfishly, in which case they are resurrected after their next death, but only in a healed body, any energy, like PPE, ISP, or CHI is zero, and must recover over time. If this option is selected, and the character participates in and wins a future Hunt they will no longer have the option of choosing the Gift of Life.

Gift of Personal Change

The character may choose one small aspect of themselves to alter. For example a Tattoo Man could choose to change one of their tattoos that they regret or don’t use into another tattoo of the same category, this change will happen right away, the old tattoo will be gone, and the new one in its place. The most common request is to not be sent home, as per standard Hunt procedure, but instead to be sent to another location, or have their home dimension/location changed before they are sent home.

Mystery Gift

When this Gift is selected the character is bestowed with a random gift by the Master of Ceremonies. It can include any of the above, or another Gift of the MC’s own choosing that isn’t available through any other means. Further if selected one must simply wait to receive their gift, if any requests for a type of gift are made than the gift may be withdrawn or cancelled, and the character loses their prize. However in practice most Hunt MCs will not exercise that option, but instead will bestow a ‘Gift’ of a twisted or malicious nature.

The ‘Wish’ Option

A character may forego their gift, and make a request directly to the Master of Ceremonies (who is naught but a conduit to the benefactors). This request may or may not be granted, or may only be partially granted. Once made it cannot be altered, changed or withdrawn. And if declined they will not get another choice of a gift, unless they participate in and win another Hunt. All decisions regarding the wish option are final, and any attempts to argue or appeal the decision will result in the forfeiture of the offered ‘celebration and goodbyes’ time, with the character being sent home immediately. Requests for harm or destruction are almost universally declined. Mechanics-wise there may be a percentage roll to determine the outcome, as the process is similar to requesting a miracle from a deity. The difficulty or target percentage will be determined on a case by case basis.

Hunt Prizes

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