Hunt Glossary

Glossary of Hunt Specific Terms

There are some terms that have very specific meanings when used in the context of the Hunt. Here they are broken down and defined for easier understanding.

Alternate Item: An Alternate Item is a replacement Item for an Item that has been made no longer available, or deemed by the Team Captain as too difficult to acquire.

Contested Item: An Item being hunted by more than one team, or in the possession of one team while being sought by other teams, this is a relative term as not all teams have the same lists.

Foul: A violation of the Hunt Rules, such as Friendly Fire rules, or attempting to escape the Hunt.

Item: An Object, Person, Animal, Group of Objects, or anything else that must be acquired as part of The Hunt towards victory.

Match: A single ‘round’, ‘episode’, or ‘game’, of the Hunt that runs the course from the teams being set on the hunt to one emerging victorious.

Period: The time between being notified of what Item it is a team must acquire and the team either acquiring said Item, or failing to acquire said item forcing them to move on to an alternate Item.

Special Item: Same as ‘Item’ only it may count as more than one ‘Item’ towards the number needed for Victory.

Team Colours: The two colours use to identity and represent a given team of Hunters.

Uncontested Item: An item being hunted by or in possession of one team, but not being sought by another team. This is a relative term as not all teams have the same lists.

Wild Card: An item not on any list, but that can count towards the required total number of items.

Hunt Glossary

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