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Current Hunt Details

There are two Hunts ongoing right now that are using the same modifiers. One is on Saturday, the other on Monday. The Groups are separate, but player crossover is allowed, but no single character can be in both.

The Theme, Arena, and Special Rules were voted on using the polling option of the Palladium Forums.
Here are the results.

The current Hunts used an older single list of Special Rules, instead of the listed Bonuses and Limitations.

Winning Theme

With 13% of the Vote No Flagship wins.
No Flagship means any characters BUT those from Rifts branded books are acceptable. No characters can come from Rifts Branded books. This does not apply in the case of non-original material that could be made from Conversion Books (Like all the Fantasy races in CB1, or the Nightbane, etc, in CB3, but DOES apply to Original Material, like the Rifts Priest from CB2.

Winning Arena

With 17% of the Vote Secret Arena wins.
Unspecified (or ‘Secret’) arena means the arena is of unknown location or size, and will only be revealed as the Hunt progresses. (This means that all characters must have SDC and MDC stats, as if it is an SDC or Mega-Damage realm will not be known).

Special Rules

With an equal share of the vote at 16% each Group Vehicle and Unlimited Health & Energy win.
Group Vehicle means that after the Team Captain is elected they, with the consultation of the team, may choose a Team Vehicle. This vehicle must be capable of transporting all the team members. Limits will apply but that will be discussed between the Huntmaster (myself) and the elected Team Captain, due to the secrecy of the Arena.
Unlimited Health & Energy means that personal damage/injury [SDC, HP, and/or MDC], as well as energy [PPE, ISP, CHI, etc] can be replenished after each item is successfully retrieved, when the Coach has his time with the team. This also means that after a failed attempt to retrieve an item there will be no replenishment. Replenishment is optional, a character is not forced to partake of it. Note: This special rule is now defunct, and has been separated into two separate special rules.

Current Hunt

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