Character Creation

Hunter Creation

Character Creation is limited by whichever the current theme is that has been chosen through majority vote (or random role, or Huntmaster selection, whichever has occurred). Characters that do not fit the theme will not be able to participate in the current Hunt.
Aside from any restrictions applied via the theme and any special rules there are no restrictions on character creation. Characters from any and all systems except Dead Reign are acceptable (so long as they match the theme and follow any Bonuses or Limitations).

All characters will start at level 5 (subject to change at the start of any given Hunt, as well as some special rules). Characters joining the Hunt any time after the initial date will also start at level 5, or three levels below the current average level of the team, whichever is higher.
In the First Hunt we had characters from Rifts, Palladium Fantasy, Chaos Earth, Robotech, Splicers, Beyond the Supernatural, Nightbane, Wormwood, Ninjas & Superspies, Heroes Unlimited, Rifts, and others.

Regarding Homebrew creations and play-testing: I am willing to consider doing so, and I did do some for the first and second Hunts, but all material must be available for me to review prior to the start, and everything will be handled on a case by case basis (and of course it must match the theme and special rules). Play-testing characters may be subject to mid-game revisions depending on the ongoing results of the play-testing. Homebrew material may not always be a race or class, it may be spells, psi powers, super powers, skills, or more. Many of such are available on the Palladium Forums. Again I am willing to entertain the idea of using such, reviewed on as case by case basis. (I am no stranger to having created and posted home brew material, and in a shameless act of self-promotion I will assuredly entertain the idea of someone using that material, provided it fits the theme and other restrictions). Finally if you are making any tweaks, changes, or revisions to any material, or adding in forum or home brew material, it must be highlighted and brought to my attention for review. If a character is submitted with such things, and they are not brought to my attention beforehand there is a good chance it will be rejected. I am not perfect, I may miss some such things if they are not highlighted, if I erroneously approve a character with such additions and I missed them, when they come up or are uncovered there is an exceedingly good chance of the character being booted. This is not because of the material itself, but it is a trust thing as I have asked in advance that such be highlighted. I also understand that no one is perfect, and that mistakes happen, so that will also be taken into consideration should such an event occur.

Some special rules may affect Character Creation. Any such Special Rules for the Hunt will provided to all potential Hunters in advance.

A brief note on equipment: If your equipment includes ‘Customized Body Armour’ this means that it has been custom-fit to you, and has been cosmetically altered to your liking, regarding colours, insignia, etc. This does not mean that the basic stats and attributes of the armour have been altered. No extra SDC/MDC, no additional features or add-ons, it was not custom built using specific materials from scratch for you. Not that such things are unavailable, they are just not free through the ‘Customized Body Armour’ wording.


Everyone knows the bonus die/dice that humans can achieve with a certain amount of luck. Humans however are not the only ones who can wind up with exceptional attributes.
For the Hunt, when rolling attributes use the following expanded ‘exploding dice’ chart. If the amount of dice you are required to roll is not present below, chances are then they do not benefit from exceptional dice. Consult your Huntmaster.

  • 1D4 – no additional dice.
  • 1D6 – a single D6 on an 6, do not roll any additional dice.
  • 2D4 – a single D4 on an 8, do not roll any additional dice.
  • 2D6 – a single D6 on an 11 or 12, do not roll any additional dice.
  • 3D4 – a single D4 on an 11 or 12, do not roll any additional dice.
  • 3D6 – a single D6 on a result of 16, 17, or 18, if this dice is a 6 roll another bonus dice, if that dice is also a six, do not roll any additional dice.
  • 4D6 – a single D6 on a result of 22, 23, or 24, if this dice is a 6 roll another bonus dice, if that dice is also a six, do not roll any additional dice.
  • 5D6 – a single D6 on a result of 28, 29, or 30, if this dice is a 6 roll another bonus dice, if that dice is also a six, do not roll any additional dice.
  • 6D6 – a single D6 on a result of 34, 35, or 36, do not roll any additional dice.
    Note: In the event of a ‘+’ as in xDx+x (example: 2D6+4), roll the die as normal, and if bonus dice or die results add those as well, when that is completed then add in the ‘+’ number.

A few more notes on rolling Attributes: Identical dice pools may be traded. Humans for example normally (but not always) have 3D6 for all attributes. So you roll 3D6 eight times, and then choose which roll goes where. If another race had 3D6 for all attributes except P.S. and P.E., which are 4D6 then the six 3D6 rolls can be exchanged among each other, and the two 4D6 rolls can similarly be exchanged. In the event of a ‘+’, such as 3D6+2 you only add the ‘+’ after all dice rolls have been finalized and assigned. Roll only the amount of dice listed. You can reroll a 1 once per dice pool, but not a second time (so once for I.Q., once for M.E., etc., if there is no 1 rolled then the reroll does not apply, nor does the next attribute get you 2 rerolls, the reroll for that attribute is lost). This only applies to attributes, not to P.P.E, S.D.C., Hit Points, M.D.C., or anything else unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Conversion Guidelines

This section is written from my (13eowulf’s) perspective, other Huntmasters may take a different approach.

For any powers/abilities/tech/etc. that does not have stated conversions or conversion advice the Hunt will be following these guidelines:

  1. Is there a similar or identical ability/equipment that can be used as the basis for conversion? If ‘yes’ then I will do so, to an extent.
  2. Is there a ‘common sense’ solution that is obvious to me? If ‘yes’ I will explain it and go from there.
  3. ‘But I disagree with your ruling’: Tough! I kid I kid. I will discuss such things with the individual I am working with for conversion, and any others a change in conversion may affect.
  4. For tech in terms of armour/protection, generally anything the size of a Power Armour, Hummer, Truck, etc. will be straight point for point. Force Fields will be point for point. Larger Vehicles may have a multiplier attached. This multiplier will never exceed x10 (and even then, that will be rare indeed).
  5. For tech in terms of weapons: Damage dealt will mostly, for man-sized weapons (or the secondary turrets on some tanks) be straight point for point. Larger weapons, like the main gun on a tank, may receive a modifier similar to #4 above. Note that most missile types already have SDC versions of them, so this would not apply to those missiles, as per #1.

Character Creation

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