Advanced Features

Advanced Features

These Baton features are more advanced than the rest, and are rarely available on Civilian Batons, and are not even that common among Military Batons. Some speculate they are experimental features that were not fully integrated to all appropriate models.

1. Active Holstering: The normal Holster feature common to all Batons is a passive one, where the Baton is at rest or in standby mode. There are a few specific features that allow the Baton to be used while like this, but they are very specific. The Active Holstering enhancement allows almost any feature to be used while holstered, and further allows the repositioning of the Baton to the forearm (on top of the forearm is most common, but underneath is also frequently used, particularly with paired batons and the Light Rope feature). In this position many Baton weapons can be used, the PDA or sensors can be accessed, any display can be accessed, and so much more. Only more active features, most notably the vehicle features, cannot be used with Active Holstering. For some features while in this mode a small control panel will be extended to the palm of the same hand as the arm the Baton is on, others are controlled by the opposite command, or, if the Hands Free feature is also possessed, by voice command.
Programming Point Value: 5 points. For an additional 3 points to baton will extend a bracer around the entire forearm (or equivalent, not available to other body parts) to protect the arm from some side effects (like using the Plasma Burst weapon), and from targeted attacks against the Baton or the arm itself (in an attempt to disrupt Baton usage), this Bracer has S.D.C./M.D.C. equal to 3x the wearer’s P.E. attribute, and has a natural A.R. of 18, and presents a small target, requiring a called shot to hit it.

2. Advanced Computing & Sensor Abilities: While the PDA has many mundane or common features (as mentioned greatly similar to Tablet Computers, or Smartphones of 21st century Earth) the Advanced Computing and Sensor abilities are more akin to custom made or special purpose tower computers or military computer systems. There are a number of separate specialized systems under this feature. All of these features require the appropriate skills to properly utilize.
ECM Suite: This is more of a Sensors enhancement that requires the PDA function for control. With this the user can temporarily overload or burn out an opponent’s sensor or communications systems for 4D4 melee round. Further this feature also allows the user to lay down a communications or sensory dampening/jamming field that hinders or prevents operation within that field (-35% to all rolls, with an additional penalty equal to however much the user succeeded their roll by [base % minus skill roll equals penalty to the opponent’s skill roll]), the field has a maximum radius of 500 ft. per P.E. attribute point of the wielder. If appropriate Communication features are also known than this system may potentially be used to intercept communications. As well as other ECM and electronic warfare systems.
Prerequisites: Personal Organizer (PDA) & Sensors, with Communications features only being required for the communications interception option.
Programming Point Value: 7 points, for an additional 2 points (per vehicle) this system may be added to any vehicle feature possessed by the Baton. For another additional 2 points the user will be able to use their own sensors and communications while broadcasting the dampening/jamming field. For an additional 3 points the range can be doubled.
Enhanced Computing: Essentially just an enchantment to the PDA feature with better processing power, additional and advanced ‘software’ or ‘apps’, and an overall general performance upgrade.
Prerequisites: Personal Organizer (PDA)
Programming Point Value: 3 points.
Hacking Computer: This enhancement is independent of the Enhanced Computing feature, and can be added separately or in conjunction with it. This provides some additional interface abilities, including extending several physical interface options and connector cables to better hack some systems, as well as specialized software and performance upgrades, and upgraded internal security software. All of which is highly customizable by one with the proper skills. This feature can put a skilled keyboard-hacker on equal footing with a plugged-in Cyberjacker in cyber-combat.
Prerequisites: Personal Organizer (PDA)
Programming Point Value: 5 points.
Sensor Spoofers: This enhancement can not only be used to help mask the user’s sensor profile/signature, but can be used to alter it to fit specific criteria. In its basic function the Baton projects a field that absorbs incoming sensor waves, and shields the user’s heat signature (and other such signatures) from advanced optics and sensors that pick up such things making those trying to detect the user at -20% on their skill rolls. Further the system can be modified to alter the signature or provide specific sensor feedback that tells the sensors the user is someone or something else (a Dwarf returns the signature of a Giant, etc.). In this mode the opposing sensor user has only one-quarter his base skill to read the true signature through the false information.
Prerequisites: Personal Organizer (PDA) & Sensors
Programming Point Value: 6 points, for an additional (1) point (per vehicle) this system may be added to any vehicle feature possessed by the Baton.

3. Assassination Tool: This dark tool’s only purpose is death, normally inflicted at the hands of a Thief of Lives. This feature has several different options to best facilitate ending the life of one’s target or contract. The first is a historical classic that never goes out of style, the garrotte (for garrotting rules see Merc Ops page 108). There are actually several types of garrottes that can be formed by pulling the handles of the Baton apart (similar to the process of initiating a Baton Vehicle) with the garrotte wire connecting the two, and the halves becoming the handle. The first is an ultrathin microfilament wire that is almost invisible to the naked eye, and appears to be unbreakable, and always long enough to properly garrotte the target. This inflicts 1D4x10 damage per melee round (Hit Point or SDC damage, depending on success of the strike, and Mega-Damage in an M.D.C. realm, but only on M.D.C. targets). The second is the same microfilament this time enhanced with a plasma charge passing along it between the two handles, and inflicts 2D4x10 damage per melee round (appropriate as to the realm). The third is as per the plasma, only this time the Bio-Energy that is present in both the Bio Energy Burst and the Light Sword is what is enhancing the garrotte, which inflicts 1D6x10 damage per melee round (appropriate as to the realm or target) but also affects/damages all Supernatural Beings and Creatures of Magic, including animated dead, zombies, golems, vampires, werewolves, demons, dragons, godlings, etc. Also damages superbeings who are Invulnerable. Due to the fact that this garrotte setting is both energy and a solid mass those that have resistance to either energy or physical blows find that resistance only half as effective, and those immune to either energy or physical attacks still take half damage. The next garrotte is actually a serrated flexible saw blade, which also inflicts 1D4x10 damage per melee round (appropriate as to the realm) but with each action taken to ‘saw’ with the garrotte it inflicts an additional 2D4 points of damage. The saw blade can also be plasma or bio-energy enhanced, with the damage increasing as it did for the microfilament, with the sawing-action damage being 4D4 for the plasma saw and 2D6 for the bio-energy saw (all damages as per realm or target, with plasma only being as per realm).
But that is not where this tool stops, it also has stiletto blades that can spring from either side of the baton, or one from each handle while in garrotte form. These blades can be from 2 to 8 inches long, but are not well suited for prolonged combat. There are 3 types of blades, the standard blade which inflicts 2D6 damage, a plasma enhanced blade which does 6D6 damage, and a bio-energy enhanced blade which does 4D6 damage (the plasma blade does damage as per realm, the other two inflict damage as per target with the bio-energy enhanced blade possessing the same properties as the similar garrotte). These blades can be extended while the garrotte is in use.
The final Assassin’s tool is a long needle that extends from either end of the Baton, or one per handle in garrotte form, for use in either precise strikes up the nose or through the eye into the brain, or to inject a target with a substance, normally acid or poison. The needle is so fine that it finds its way through all physical armours save for true EBA armour (ignores A.R.s). Similar to the Sensors or Jet-Injector vials are produced to fill with the substance one wishes to inject, (the Baton can produce one vial for every 5 P.E. points of the Bio-Linked user, per hour), and up to two full vials can be stored (one per handle while in garrotte form). Each vial stores up the 4 doses of a substance, but more than a single dose can be injected at a time. These stored substances can also be used to coat the non-energized stilettos or garrotte, with 5 coatings equalling one dose. Substances stored inside the Baton are shielded from any detection, and will not degrade.
Programming Point Value: 12 points for all garrottes. 8 points for all stilettos, and 10 points for the Needle (including the coating of the blade or garrotte feature).

4. Automatic Mapping Tool: When set to Automatic Mapping the Baton will use passive scans to map the area the baton is traveling through, with a radius in feet equal to the wielder’s P.E. attribute. The scan cannot penetrate solid objects such as walls, closed doors, solid rock, etc., nor is it powerful enough to uncover shielded or cloaked areas, etc. The scan reveals topographical information such as terrain and local flora, as well as atmospheric conditions, some electromagnetic signatures, and may reveal some types of life forms (normally local fauna). The scan will also include navigational information, such as the direction, speed, and elevation relative to sea level, as well as GPS coordinates if the Satellite Communications feature is possessed and a satellite is available. This map is then saved on the PDA, and is modifiable by the user to add some specifics or notes as needed. Active scans may be used to enhance detail but this is not an automatic feature, and requires the user to take action.
Prerequisites: Personal Organizer (PDA) & Sensors, Satellite Communication optional.
Programming Point Value: 6 points, for an additional 3 points the feature can be active while Holstered.

5. Bridge Generator: This tool is capable of generating a Mallory-Carter-Brown Bridge (itself a derivative work of the Einstein–Rosen–Podolsky bridge) to allow the wielder to travel across great distances ranging from on the same planet to intergalactic travel, as well as to traverse time and space itself, moving back and forth through time, and across different dimensions. Unfortunately generating a stable bridge requires an awesome amount of energy that can only be built up over time (and yet the amount varies wildly upon expenditure), meaning that once a bridge has been created and a slide completed the Baton will need time to recharge this feature (once a charge is reached, the Baton holds the charge until it is used). The amount of time depends on the type of bridge created:
• A bridge to elsewhere on the same planet takes 4D4 melee rounds to recharge.
• A bridge to elsewhere within the same solar system takes 4D6 minutes to recharge.
• A bridge to elsewhere within the same galaxy takes 4D8 hours to recharge.
• A bridge to elsewhere within the same universe takes 4D10 days to recharge.
• A bridge to elsewhere within the same timeline takes 4D4 weeks to recharge.
• A bridge to other dimensions takes 4D6 months to recharge.
But the Time and Dimensional bridges can be combined with the other four, but recharge times are cumulative, with the lesser recharge time being completed before the greater of the two. The Bridge is actually a circular situation regarding the charging, a Baton gathers much of the needed energy by passing through the Bridge itself, should the Baton not pass through the Bridge before it closes it loses the ability to recharge successfully, and requires 29.7 years to recharge. If the Baton can be provided with sufficient external energy this time can be reduced if not eliminated, unfortunately the Baton does not state how much energy is required, only the remaining time. The user however can also reduce this time by allowing the baton to siphon their life energy directly to reduce the recharge time. Anything under a day requires 1 Hit Point or 3 points of personal M.D.C. Greater than a day but less than a week requires 3 Hit Points or 6 points of personal M.D.C. Greater than a week requires 1 Hit Point or 2 points of personal M.D.C. for every 5% the remaining time is reduced by. Only the bonded wielder may sacrifice their life-energy for this, and while this damage will heal back at the rate of a normal unpowered Human being (with every 2 points of M.D.C. being treated as 1 Hit Point to determine recovery time), it will ONLY heal back at this rate, regardless of regenerative abilities, magic, psionics, or other such factors.
The Mallory-Carter-Brown Bridge creates a fixed but free-floating swirling vortex comprised of blue to silver hues roughly 4-12 feet in diameter, and nothing larger than a classic Red Cadillac Convertible can pass through, but a Bridge remains open for 4D6 melee rounds (or until cancelled by the wielder, or the Baton passes through the Bridge), allowing for multiple consecutive beings or objects to pass through. Despite its function a Bridge is not a Rift; powers, abilities, or spells that effect or have control over Rifts cannot affect the bridge, nor can senses that detect rifts or pending rifts detect bridges. However a bridge does give off a huge energy signature that can be detected by a multitude of sensors, and if one knows what one is looking for, then the reading can be recognized for what it is. There are however other hazards of crossing the boundaries of space-time (for a better idea of what these might be please consult either Transdimensional Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Rifter #56).
The Baton includes a fully operational control panel for inputting coordinates to facilitate this kind of travel, unfortunately most who come across Batons with this feature do not possess the requisite skills to be able to do this, and wind up Sliding at random, which 7 out of 10 doctors do not recommend. Further while there are times one may want to activate a Bridge early, it is also not recommended for aside from being forced to Bridge at random the Baton memory of past co-ordinates is lost, and the programming software is scrambled preventing one from inputting coordinates, and worse the charging and energy expenditure functions are corrupted and the Baton loses the ability to accept outside energy, as well as the user’s life energy, and the recharge time can now vary from a few seconds to 2-3 years, and should that Bridge be skipped (not activated), or activated, but not passed through, all the stored energy is expelled or dispersed, and, as above, the Baton will require 29.7 years to recharge.
An additional feature of the Bridge generator is that it is capable of interacting with most space-gate or ‘jump-gate’ systems that many civilizations use for interstellar travel, as well as a variety of Bridge Gateway Networks that some explorers have uncovered across the Megaverse.
Programming Point Value: 20 points to be able to generate long distance Bridges within the same universe. For an additional 30 points Temporal Bridges can be generated, and for another additional 30 points Dimensional Bridges can be generated. Once the Bridge Generator feature is possessed but a Baton it can be added to any vehicle feature for an additional 5 points per vehicle, but when generated from a vehicle the Bridge automatically stays open for the whole duration.

6. Digitizer: This feature enables a living being to be converted to energy and stored in an exact digital format within the memory of the Baton. A being can be stored indefinitely as a set of numbers and re-integrated to its previous form at a later time. Some use this as a means of capture, but it appears to have been designed with the intent of immortalizing ‘fragile’ biological life, mostly of the flesh and blood type, but other kinds of life, such as plant based life as well. The Baton also does not appear to have been an intended permanent storage device, but rather a gathering and transportation device for this ‘information’, to be deposited in a larger storage center (oh the wonders one might uncover if they ever found this, like what happened to the civilization the created the Baton…). This is evidenced by the limited storage capacity of the Baton (twenty life forms). The Baton is also capable of re-integrating digitized beings. The process is excruciatingly painful during digitization and re-integration. Digitization is a traumatic mental experience and can easily result in varying levels of acute insanity upon re-integration. One must make a save vs. pain against a 16 upon digitization, and another against an 18 upon re-integration. If one is saved but the other failed than roll for a single insanity, or the G.M. may assign one or allow one to choose, as they feel appropriate. If one fails both saves they must roll (or be assigned or allowed to choose) three insanities, plus an additional insanity for every 2 points the second save was failed by. There is no save against digitization, but strong enough body armour, EBA armour, personal force fields (including such protective fields/armours as Armour of Ithan, Psychic Body Field, Phase Fields, and others), or being inside of Power Armours, Robot Vehicles, other vehicles, etc. will prevent digitization. Further there must be an uninterrupted line between the baton and the target; even a closed window will stop digitization. For some reason non-biological life forms, like Artificial Intelligences or Machine People cannot be digitized, nor can Full-Conversion ‘Borgs or Partial-Conversion ‘Borgs with more than 40% of their body converted.
Programming Point Value: 16 points, for an additional 4 points the storage system can be doubled.

7. Synapse Repositioner: The Baton is held vertically and extends a directional emitter that produces a bright flash of blue or red light accompanied by a significantly audible noise similar to historical Earth photographic cameras. Those who experience the flash are instantly placed into a passive hypnotic-like state that makes them susceptible to suggestion and implantation of false memoires. Once flashed the user has roughly 30 seconds to implant the false/replacement memories in place of the old ones. Once this has been completed subjects forget the events that are meant to be removed from their memory, however they can still remain familiar to the subject, sometimes inducing a sense of déjà vu. The flash has a 360 degree radius of approximately 50 ft., but must be on line of sight with a subject, who must be (at least in part) facing the Baton. On the reverse side of the baton a set of controls appear to select the amount of time being effects, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and/or years, as well as the activation button. For a currently unknown reason only benign memory replacement is possible, and overt post-hypnotic instruction is impossible (you cannot change someone’s sexuality, you cannot instruct them to give you all their money, or commit murder, or suicide, etc.). There is no save for subjects unaware of what the device is capable of, or for those with an M.E. attribute under 12. For those that are aware and have a high enough M.E. attribute a save vs. Synaptic Repositioning of 18 is possible, but only an M.E. bonus equal to the M.E. save vs. Psionics is applicable (not from any other source).
Programming Point Value: 6 points. For an additional 2 points the Baton will produce a pair of sunglasses, goggles, or a visor of some sort that one wears over the eyes that protects one from the flash of any Synapse Repositioner, an additional protective unit may be produced once per month.

8. Temporal & Dimensional Anchor/Stabilizer: This feature, when activated, acts as an anchor and stabilizer in regards to temporal and dimensional effects that may occur around the character, and protects them from the effects (particularly unfavourable ones). This does not prevent the character from being sent through a Rift necessarily, or travelling to different times or dimensions, but does protect them from naturally occurring side-effects or anomalies. In addition the character is at a ‘+3 to save vs. Dimensional or Temporal powers, spells, or abilities that are used against a character. This feature must be activated for it to protect the user.
Programming Point Value: 8 points, for an additional 3 points the feature can be active while Holstered.

9. Traveler’s Guide to the Megaverse: This is an encyclopaedic repository of knowledge and information that appears to be sporadically updated from an unknown source or sources (some claimed to have track the source to what earthlings call the ‘Ursa Minor’ constellation, but to date nothing has come from this, possibly because no one has specified which universe as of yet). It is entirely searchable, and if the Hands Free feature is possessed it is voice activated, and some even say intuitive, being able to respond to questions as well as searches. Although there are some Mevaversal Travellers who have encountered some typos or erroneous entries… and a few have even survived to let others know about this. Despite this many find having this feature on their Baton a reassuring fact, even if it is not being actively used at the time. Many reviews credit the “Don’t Panic” loading splash screen and logo for this (but none credit the brilliant soothing subliminal messages buried in said splash screen and logo, and a magnificent piece of marketing it was too, sadly due to lack of reviewer acclaim the executive who came up with the idea was later canned, and subsequently lost his life as a result of the Guide’s misuse of the word ‘for’ in place of the word ‘of’).
Prerequisites: Personal Organizer (PDA)
Programming Point Value: 12 points, for an additional 3 points the Guide can also respond verbally to the user.

10. Webbing/Nets: This is an expansion of the Light Rope and Grapnel features that forms a deployable net that the user can fire from their Baton. The nets can be altered in size to a maximum square footage equal to the weilder’s P.E. attribute, and once used can either be reabsorbed by the Baton, or they will Derez after 4D4 hours. The Baton can store up to 12 nets at a time, and takes 2 hours to replenish a Derezed net. Each square foot of net has S.D.C./M.D.C. equal to the wielder’s P.E. attribute x3, and a natural A.R. of 16 (in appropriate realms), however a called shot that succeeds against a 14 will allow one to strike into the net and avoid damaging it. The net can just be a net, or it can have weighted ends to assist in entangling (similar in nature to a Bola, which in fact this feature can create and expel in place of a net). Another alternative is spiked or Grapnel edges to dig/grip into a surface to achieve imprisonment. A final alternative is the corners, edges, or even the whole net is coated in the same adhesive as the Sticky Grapnel, causing it to stick to the target (s) and/or surfaces. Aside from the obvious capture/entanglement options the net can be deployed to catch falling people or objects (like a safety net), or as a trap to catch oncoming vehicles or enemies, as well as applied to steep or vertical surfaces and used to climb up or down. Multiple webs/nets can be linked and deployed to either increase durability, sturdiness, or to cover a larger area. Nets can also be attached to the end of the Light Rope and as such to ‘reel in’ the net (and whatever may be contained within it). Nets can be fired in compressed form from the Baton, and rapidly expand, with a range of 5 ft. per P.E. point of the wielder (single shots only), but inflict no damage upon impact.
Prerequisites: Light Rope/Cable, Grapnel, Sticky Grapnel (optional, if not possessed the related options are not available).
Programming Point Value: 10 points, for an additional (1) point the number of Webs/Nets in the payload can be increased by ‘+4, this option can be purchased a maximum of eight times. For an additional 2 points, and if the feature is possessed by the baton, the Web/Net can be empowered by the Stun Stick, with all the options that it provides. For an additional 3 points, and if the feature is possessed by the baton, the Web/Net can be empowered by the Rod of Agony or Whip of Pain, with all the options that it provides. For both of the latter options the feature is inflicted upon impact, unless connected to a Light Rope, in which case they can be inflicted at will.

Advanced Features

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