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The Hunt Rulings & House Rules

I try and run the game in a cinematic fashion, so sometimes I am loose or fluid with the rules while in session, but I will always try to be consistent and fair.
That said there are some notes, interpretations, and House Rules I wish to make known up front.
But first and foremost I deal with everything on a case by case basis, as I do not believe anything is written in stone. That said please keep in mind that some things bend easier than others. I will always strive to be consistent in how I handle things.

The Rules as I see them

I will note that these are personal point of view/interpretations of the rules.
My two major guidelines when making ruling are; firstly the Spirit of the Rules as I see it, over the Rules as Written, and secondly which ruleset is newer. If I feel something violates the Spirit of the rules I will rule against it. If there are conflicting rules, 90% of the time I will go with whichever rules are newer (but not always), chronologically speaking by release date. However I am not (I don’t think) unreasonable, and am open to discussion and debate, if it is kept civil, and if it is not attempted during session, but before or after.

Regarding Actions
More specifically, what takes an action and what does not, the guidelines I go by will be as follows:
If it requires a dice roll then it takes an action (the obvious exception being auto parries and auto dodges, although there may be others).
Reloading firearms or crossbows take actions (as defined by the book or related skills).
Drawing a bow itself, or sword or gun takes an action, but can be done while moving as the same action, but not as part of a dodge or parry (unless that is a class special ability).
Regarding Perception rolls: if a nude individual is standing in front of a PC and they ask me gender, I will give that information without requiring a perception roll (with the odd exception, for example some form of visual impairment, like fog), however if they ask me eye colour, that requires a perception roll, and uses an action. I will give general info, if you want specifics there will be a roll required, and depending on how specific, it may take an action.
Speaking: Depending on how much information, and the information being conveyed, the method of conveying said information, and what other actions you are attempting, then speaking may or may not cost an action. For more details see the Combat Rules.
Regarding Spell Casting: I use the casting times as specified in the RUE.
Note: This will be discussed further and further defined in the afore mentioned Combat Rules.

Rulings on the fly
If we are mid-session, and a ruling is needed I will make it, and I will do my best to make it in a way that does not slow down or stop the session or the flow of the game. I will listen to some objections if there are some, and if able to do so quickly I will address them. However I will not engage in lengthy debates about the rules mid-session. If you strongly disagree with a ruling we can discuss it after the session, or during the time between sessions. I am not perfect, I may get things wrong, and if so I will change my ruling, this will only be applied going forward and not retroactively, and I will notify all of this change. Once I have made a ruling I do my best to apply it consistently and equally on an ongoing basis.

13eowulf’s House Rules

I try not to use too many house rules, I mostly just try to fill gaps or add flavour. The following are the most common that will probably come up. Some may not appear to be house rules, but appear here to avoid previously experienced discussions about whether or not they are ‘house rules’

Jumping: I have always found there it be a lack of listed and available rules covering Jumping, so I made some, and they can be found in the Hand-Outs folder.
Critical Failures: When you roll a natural 1 in combat, or critically fail in other situations, most of the time I will ask you to roll percentage (1D100). The higher you get, the worse off you are. I find it adds a little something. It was taught to me early on in my gaming experience, I do not claim to have invented it.

Strike Rolls: Sometimes Mages or Psi, or other characters will try and do something in Combat that may be tricky or difficult, and a strike roll may not be listed as needed for the spell, but I may ask for one anyways in order to reflect the difficulty of the task being attempted.

Carpet of Adhesion: A successful save means the victim is not stuck. There is a Carpet of Adhesion, Greater that is available as a level 8 spell that functions as the as-written spell, but for double the PPE cost.

Multi-attack actions: Performing an activity that takes up multiple attacks/actions, like higher level spells or Power Punches, etc., are always resolved on the final action, not the initiating one.

Gods: In game worlds I run (and in my point of view on the game worlds) Gods like in Dragons and Gods, or in Pantheons of the Megaverse, among other books, are not Supernatural beings. They are Gods, and they are as far beyond Supernatural Beings as Supernatural Beings are beyond mundane Humans.

Psychic Body Field: This Super Psionic power is altered in the following manner: ISP is now half (15 I.S.P.), and in S.D.C. realms it has +100 S.D.C to start at level one (but levels at +10 per level as usual), further this armour has no AR, but all damage comes of it first, and it must be completely destroyed before the character suffers physical damage.

Supernatural Beings and Creatures of Magic: I have a narrow view on what falls into these categories. Just because you have a Mega-Damage Hide and Supernatural PS does not make you a Supernatural Being in my eyes (I am referring to creatures not explicitly listed as being Supernatural Beings, like the Grackle Tooth or the Greot Hunter). Some (many even) may disagree with me on this. And I am willing to debate, but in an appropriate manner, but not here. Here I am stating a ruling for a game I am running.

It is my sincerest hope that this does not turn anyone off the game, for in reality most of this is of no change from the last Hunt or other games I have run. (Although it is probably presented a bit better, and more concisely).
And again I am willing to debate the merits of the above if you wish, but in an appropriate thread or on the Palladium chatroom , or in Palladium Forum PMs, or email (Huntmaster161@gmail.com).

13eowulf's Rules

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